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Dec. III

History In Dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

"Massacre Of The Troupe"(OST/"Canibal Holocaust")
LEROY GOMMEZ"Little Girl"(LP/"I Got It Bad"/1979/Casablanca)
NIK KERSHAW"Don Quixote"(Extra Long Version)
GAZUZU"Drums On Fire"(12"/Remixed By Claude Allard/1982/Matra)
"So Confused"(EP/VA/"Roller Disco Series One"/Gaproductionz)
BANDOLERO"PAris Latino"(Ext. Pumpin Willie Deep Edit)
"Shoot"(EP/VA/"Generic Island 02")
SILENT SIGNALS"Other Contries"
JOHN FOXX"Ghosts On Water"(LP/"The Golden Section"/1983)
DEPECHE MODE"Strange Love"(Digital Visions Re Edit)
GIORGIO MORODER"E=MC2"(2x12"/Baldelli&Dionigi Remix/MB Disco)
THE GLASS FAMILY"Dancing Around The World"(LP/"Crazy!"/1978/JDC)
VA"Dance Decade"
PROPAGANDA"Machined"(LP/"Wishful Thinking"/1985/ZTT)
MARIO BIONDI&THE HIGHFIVE QUARTET"This Is What You Are"(Dimitri From Paris Remix)
PET SHOP BOYS FT. SAM TAYLOR-WOOD"Im In Love With A German Film Star"(12"/PSB Symponic Mix/2008/Kompakt)
SYLVERS"Boogie Fever"(Disco Purrfection Edit)
TYNE MOUTON"Heartstop"/RAMMING SPEED"When You Walk In The Room"(12"/VA/Edit By Rob Kimbel/Hot Tracks)
DALIDA"18"(Dim Zach Zucca Aperitivo Mix)
PIGBAG"Getting Up"(LP/"Dr Heckle And Mr Jive"/1982/Y Rec.)
CHIC"Good Times"(Dj S Bootleg Ext. Dance Mix)
PET SHOP BOYS"Heart"(12"/Remix/1988)
EM VEE"Broadway"(Edited By Rayko/2011/Lumberjack)
THE PHONE"Perspex"(LP/"Songs For This Nuclear Age"/Attractive)

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