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Dec. IV

History In Dancmusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

X - RAY CONNECTION"No More Communication"(Orig. 12")
MIDGE URE"Call OF The Wild"(12"/Exterded Mix/1986)
ALEPH"Fly To Me"(Italo Connection Remix/2017)
MADLEEN KANE"Fever"(LP/"Rough Diamond"/1978)
DEPECHE MODE"Master And Servant"(Electrify Re Edit/1984)
UNTIL DECEMBER"Heaven"(12"/Extended Version/1986)
AGO"Computer(In My Mind)"(Vocal Version/1986)
PET SHOP BOYS"Shopping"(LP/"Actually"/1987)
RYAN PARIS"Parisienne Girl"(Eddy Remix/2012)
MARTIN VENETJOKI"Closet"(12"/2003/Tronicsole)
TRANS - X"Josee´(French Version/1983)
BONEY M"Fever"(LP/"Take The Heat Off Me"/1976)
VA"Forbidden Lover´s History"(Ben Liebrand Minimix 11/2018)
SHAWN CHRISTOPHER"Another Sleepless Night"(12"/Album Version Mixed By GoH Hotoda/1991)
NOEL"I Want A Man"(GR)
BRASS CONSTRUCTION"Right Place"(LP/"5"/1979/Liberty)
DOLE&KOM"Phara Oh"(Original Mix)
JESTOFUNK"For Your Precious Love"(12"/Original Club/1995/Irma)
SWEET CREAM"I Dont Know What I Do(If You Ever Left Me)"(GR)
LANGUAGE"Experiance"(LP/"Alphabet City"/1984/A&M)
MADONNA"Lucky Star"(Jo Manji´s Sexy Popmix)
JOHNNY HARRIS"Odyssey"(Split 12"/Version/Hot Classics/TK Rec)
NEW ORDER"Blue Monday"(DMC Mix)
KITCHEN AND THE PLASTIC SPOON"Happy Funeral"(LP/"Screams To God"/Rereleased/Dark Entries)
MILVA"Hurra, Wir Leben Noch"
OMD"Maid Of Orleans"(Extended Fabmix)

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