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nonrandom sounds

Gabber Eleganza - Never Sleep [Presto!]
Yoong - Wire [Achida Park]
Manara - Got bored
mobilegirl - Ceremonial Song (Scintii Remix)
Lotic - Hunted [Tri-Angle]
Amnesia Scanner - AS Chaos (feat. Pan Daijing) [PAN]
Asha Mirr - The Fire That Consumes All Before It
Hiro Kone - Twisted [Allergy Season x Discwoman]
Howie Lee - Dry Prayers No Echoes
Lamin Fofana - The Black God Cries Sometimes Too
mmph - Sun God [Tri-Anlge]
SSaliva - Hell Home [Collapsing Market]
Last Japan - B4 All That [Coyote Records]
Deejay Florentino - 2 Late (Dont Call) [MIXPAK]