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Sendung vom 09.05.2018 14:00:

nonrandom funk

14h : nonrandom Radio
mit Tracks aus dem O94 Musikarchiv

Croatian Amor & Varg - They Took Turns Lifting One of Their Own [Posh Isolation]
v1984 - do things my own way darling
Dawn Richard x Mumdance - Guardian Angel [Local Action]
Last Japan - Squad / Wrong One (feat. Prynce Mini)
City Girls - Where The Bag At
DJ NA - Pa que tomes el control
Fever Ray - Mustn't Hurry (Tzusing Remix)
Kelela - Frontline (LAFAWNDAH REMIX)
Steven Julien - Bloodline [Apron]
Farce - I Hate Berlin (feat. شاي أسود (blaqtea)) / II [Meta Matter Records]
Perera Elsewhere - Purple Sea (feat. Madame Gandhi) [Friends of Friends]
Lucrecia Dalt - Glass Brain [RVNG Intl.]
Grouper - Parking Lot [Kranky]