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nonrandom sound

Wirefoxterrier - August In The Water
Visible Cloaks - Wind Voice II [Musique Plastique]
Bosaina - Abalone on the Grass
La Nuit - Road Snakes [Beacon Sound]
Deux Filles - Drinking at a Stream
Wirefoxterrier - Galerie Des Glaces (Dynacord Tape Delay 1962)
Oliver Coates - Prairie (live edit w/ malibu voiceover)
Tomutonttu - Kuinka Yö /Kuinka Voin Auttaa? [Alter]
Eartheater - Peripheral [PAN]
Million Brazilian's - Red Rose and Obsidian [Lullabies For Insomniacs]
Ssaliva - Seeker [Jj funhouse]
Hydroplane - Completed Extract From The Previous 7"
Cindy Lee - Power & Possession [CCQSK Records]