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Sendung vom 23.06.2018:

Right to the City

This Best of WiseUp edition is a Rerun of July 2011 deals with the right to the city congress which took place summer 2011 in Hamburg, Germany. Sadly nothing has changed for the better since then, but transformation processes speeded up.

This Rerun is the 2nd part of the wiseup documentation of the congress. It features short inputs about gentrification & squatting in Hamburg and Berlin Germany and Amsterdam Netherlands, eg Rote Flora/ Gängeviertel, Schijnheilig/ Vondelbunker. This is followed by an interview with German media activists.

The network "Right to the City" is a network of initiatives in Hamburg, against gentrification, repression, neoliberal urbanism and closed borders.
Most of the mentioned groups or spaces are still active today, which is great news!