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Sendung vom 25.08.2018:

Oldschool Electro Mix

wiseup radio is a show for pop discourses and music ventures. We are still in the period of rerun editions, but this month it's time for a break in the routine, and serve you a brand new mix, I recorded a few weeks ago live at our regular event in Berlin.
From the depth of my record collection I selected old school electro vinyls, mostly from the 1980s, but as well many from the 90s and a few from the 2000s which emulated this 80s style. This sound imagines and anticipates a certain kind of future vision that co-responds with a whole school of science fiction. Also this was one of the first attempts where hiphop and electronic music were merging (the name or style of techno wasn’t yet established) and breakdancers, graffiti writers, and musicans of all kinds would meet in art galleries, lofts or clubs and influence each other. The dangers of new technologies were already present, but simultaneously a vision of the utopian potential of technology was existing. This became evident in music production, with more and more affortable machines to produce the futuristic sounds, like synthisizers and drum machines, which spanned a whole new development in music. Drawing all kinds of discpiples in North America and Western Europe to the dance floors.

Due to the rapid growing popularity of rave and techno this style became somewhat forgotten, but there always have been and still are DJs and producers following this electro sound, cultivating and refining it.

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