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Wake up
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Sendung vom 22.09.2018 11:00:

Wake up - mit Anne Eck

Wake up - mit Anne Eck

Wake up - mit Anne Eck

In dieser Ausgabe der Sendung Wake up ist Anne Eck zu Gast.

Zu Anne Eck:

Singer. Songwriterin. Born in Nuremberg, Germany. Lives in Vienna, Austria since 2008. Her songs, self-composed and written in English, are rooted in the pop / alternative genre and feature deep and personal lyrics. Pure. Authentic. Reduced. Strong.

Mid of March Release of her first Single HOME, that describes the search for one's self and one's own path, for the moment, for the place that feels like HOME - the place that is deep inside of us after all. Home is where you are; you need not search. Home, it's in you.

DON’T CARE, the second single of her debut EP RISE to be released this fall, counters our own inner critics and the corresponding fears, doubts, and feelings of inadequacy. Instead, it places self-confidence and trust at the forefront – in recognition of one’s own path.

On September 28, Anne Eck will release her first CD and Vinyl RISE.

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