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Roots Edition

Naptali, Akae Beka

Naptali (live in town tonight) warm up;tracks from his album "Long Journey"
RIP Vaughn Benjamin lead singer of Midnite and Akae Beka passed away this week. Here is a special tribute
all tracks from the album "Hail The King",more tracks from the album "Mek A Menshun"

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Naptali "Long Journey" released on Oneness Records
Show Dem Love
What Goes Around
Long Journey
And They Cry (feat Sara Lugo)
Akae Beka "Hail The King" released on Higher Bound Productions
Class Warfare Scorn
One Mind
Earth Repair
Fe Prominence
New Race
Solid Sense
Hail The King
Winners On The Ground
more tracks from Akae Beka´s album "Mek A Menshun" released on Zion High Productions
Under The Sun
By Day
Chemistry (Kagm Mystory)
Mek A Menshun (feat Protoje)
The Mighty
Nah Talk