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Experimental Dacefloor Mix

With "Raging Earth" we bring you an experimental dancefloor mix. The pieces are touching topics of transgender-phobia, climatecrisis, homeland, humanity and language in one way or the other.

Belated cheers to IDAHOBIT and happy pride month!
Remember: Pride means riot.
And shout outs to Berlin for lining up the 6th edition of the fantastic "Heroines of Sound" festival. It is happening 12.-14. July 2019 at Radialsystem Berlin and will stage early and contemporary heroines of electronic music. Some of them are featured in our mix. More info here


AGF aka Antje Greye-Ripatti

Ellen Allien

Holly Herndon

The Lappetites

Elsa M‘bala aka AMET

Laura Mello



Sadaf (Sadaf H. Nava)

Sukitoa o Namau

Paula Temple

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1. Odete – Would you date a tranny – Amarração (rotten/fresh 2019)
2. Elsa M‘bala aka AMET – Eding í ne (2016)
3. The Lappetites – Birken – Before the Libretto (Quecksilber 2005)
4. Laura Mello – Schnitzel-Caixinha Sample333up Sample750down Glockleiter – Ringing Still Life (corvo 2018)
5. AGF aka poemproducer aka Antye Greie – Mawu (Dahomey) – IX-ccc-hel EP (self release 2019)
6. Sukitoa o Namau – Nari (feat. Badawi) – NARI (urbu tapes 2018)
7. Nødstop – Rozafa – Ø (Duzz Down San 2019)
8. Holly Herndon – Last Gasp – Proto (4AD 2019)
9. Sadaf – Perfection – History Of Heat (Blueberry 2019)
10. Odete – And moisturize the pain – Amarração (rotten/fresh 2019)
11. Paula Temple – Raging Earth – Edge of Everything (Noisemanifesto 2019)
12. Ellen Allien – Exit To Humanity – Alientronic (BPitch Control 2019)