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Keep on Rockin'
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Sendung vom 11.02.2019:

Keep On Rockin´ Vol. 7 - DJ Otto Fuchs

A Riproaring Journey To Rock & Roll And Rockabilly!

DJ Otto Fuchs spins you some of Rock & Roll´s earliest recorded work by white artists, through the early R&B hits with crossover and interracial teenage-appealing of the 1950s to the first era of Rock & Roll´s dawn of the early 1960s. Hear outstanding music by Bill Haley, Wynonie Hrris, Brenda Lee or Fats & His Cats, with anecdotes and background information to selected music played!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

01. Gonna Rock & Roll, Gonna Dance All Night-Hardrock Gunther
02. Rocket 88-Bill Haley
03. All She Wants Do To Is Rock-Wynonie Harris
04. Bye Bye Young Men-Ruth Brown
05. In My Real Gone Rocket-Jackie Brenston
06. Come-On-A-My House-Rosemary Clooney
07. When It Rains-Billy “The Kid” Emerson
08. Thanks A Lot-Jeanne Newman
09. Bear Cat-Rufus Thomas
10. My Bonnie-Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers
11. Slop With Me-Fats & His Cats
12. Rock The Bop-Brenda Lee
13. Some Kind-A-Wonderful-Little Eva
14. Let´s Tak Abouts Us-Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
15. Love Bug Crawl-Wee Willie Harris
16. Problems-Everly Brothers

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