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Keep on Rockin'
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Sendung vom 09.09.2019 23:00:

Keep On Rockin´

With Neo-rockabilly, Country, Classic R&B, Rock & Roll and Rareties!

In Keep On Rockin´ September edition we dive into a potpouri of various musical styles all related to Roots Rock & Roll and Rockabilly. Elvis Presley´s legendary protest song "If I Can Dream", next to Chuck Berry´s Rock & Roll standard fare "Rock & Roll Music" over to one of the few afro-american Rockabillys - Big Al Downing. With gems like "Redemption Day" penned by Shania Twain, taken from Johnny Cash´s final album, as well as some female Stars of the Rockabilly Genre rounding the set off. Dion is revisiting the "American Main Street Gang" taken from his 1978 album Return Of The Wanderer! Best of all, Keep On Rockin´ is looking for a second host!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

01. Keep On Rockin´-Teencats
02. That Old Wheel-Johnny Cash with Hank Williams Jr.
03. I Can See An Angel-Patsy Cline
04. Movie Magg-Paul McCartney
05. Hank Williams And Me-Darrel Higham
06. Redemption Day-Johnny Cash
07. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again-Big Al Downing
08. Rock & Roll Music-Chuck Berry
09. Betty Lou Got A New Pair Of Shoes-Bobby Freeman
10. Great Balls Of Fire-Georgia Gibbs
11. Rock-A-Bop-Sparkle Moore
12. The Low Road-Mac Curtis
13. If I Can Dream-Elvis Presley
14. Midtown American Street Gang-Dion