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March III

History of dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

IRENE CARA"Flashdance(What A Feeling)"(Ext. Fab Mix)
DEBBIE JACOBS"Make It Love"(LP/"High On Your Love"/1980)
THE FLIRTS"Passion"(SF Disko Mix Edit)
RICK JAMES"Fire It Up"(LP/1978/Gordy)
RICK JAMES"Big Time"(CoCo Dandy Soupagroove)
MOORFUNK´S ORCHESTRA FT. CHAS JANKEL"Glad To Know You"(Split 12"/Remix/Gherkin)
KEN HEAVEN"The Calling"(GR)
THE J.B.´s"Rock Groove Machine"(12"/Remixed By Artie Jacobs&Alec Paris/1979/Drive)
QUEEN"Another One Bites The Dust"(Ultratraxx)
J.R. FUNK AND THE LOVE MACHINE"From The Giddy Up"(12"/Long Version/Brass)
MADONNA VS OFRA HAZA"Isaac"(Offer Nissim Remix/2006)
J.A.L.N. BAND"Get Up(And Let Yourself Go)"(LP/"Movin´City High"/1978/Magnet)
A-WA"Habib Galbi"(Offical Video)
WINTER SERVERITY INDEX"A Sudden Cold"(LP/"Slanting Ray"/2014/Bloodrock)
ROSI"Kaltes Land"(7"/2016/Crystalmeth & Heartattack)
PEYR"Rudolf"(LP/"As Above .."/1982/Shout)
AZUCAR MORENO"A Caballo"(Dance Mix)
BERNTHOLER"Toys"(LP/VA/"Underground Belgian Wave Volume 2"/1982/Walhalla)
OMD"Souvenir"(Moby Remix)
ENZO KREFT"Something´s Coming"(LP/"Dark Matter"/Orig. 1983/84/Walhalla)
VA"Dont You Want The Magnificent Seven"(Ben Liebrand Mini Mix)
KUNZYSTEEM"Brighter Than Light"(LP/VA/"Underground Wave Volume 5"/Walhalla)
MAGGIE MAE"Applaus Für Ein Total Verücktes Haus"(1976)
NO HONEY FROM THESE"Dreams"(LP/VA/"Underground Wave Vol. 4"/Walhalla)
MAC GREGOR"Nan Ye Likan"
SECRET LIFE"Private Little Madhouse"(LP/VA/"Underground Wave Volume 3"/Orig. 1988/Walhalla)
THE PLEASURE SEEKERS"Brain Confusion"(~ 1970)
DANTON´S VOICE"Easy Life"(LP/VA/"Underground Belgian Wave Vol.1"/Orig. 1986/Walhalla)
PERCY FAITH"Sabre Dance"
FRAK"Pulse - Crack"(LP/"Muzika Electronic"/2011/Digitalis)
PIERRE CAVALLI"Un Soir Chez Norris"(1971)
IMIAFAN + DARIO SERAVAL"Poker (Damolh33 Remix)"(EP/"Against The Walls"/2015/Seja)