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Darkness Endless April I

Now Its Dark present at Darkless Endless 3 hours of very unknown experimental electronic wave from underground artist around the world. The third issure will include the new project of joel morgan (stockholm) and eloise, Sourire Duchenne for the debutshow they have on 27th April at AU.
Mixed by Sirius&Darktunes (thanx to Klaus Riediger)

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

SOURIRE DUCHENNE"Glas Zerbricht"(EP/2019)
SCHICKSAL"Time"(LP/VA/"Underground Belgian Wave Vol. 1/Walhalla)
GIORGIO"What A Night"(GR)
PASCHEN´S LAW"Magnifying Transmitter"(LP/VA/"Underground Wave Vol. 4/Walhalla)
IMIAFAN + DARIO SERAVAL"Crne Rukavice(Gothic Version)"(EP/"Against The Walls"/2015/Seja)
FANGORIA"De Que Me Culpas"(Official Video Version)
LOW FACTOR"Yellow(Version II)/Terminal"(LP/"L´Oiseau Du Desespoir"/Y&C)
ZWISCHENFALL"Flucht"(Special Fuzz Dance Version)
WINTER SEVERITY INDEX"Bianca"(2xEP/"Slanting Ray"/2014/Bloodrock)
GAZEBO"I Like Chopin"(ext. Fab Mix)
7A NOU"Victims"(LP/VA/"Underground Wave Volume 5"/Orig. 1985/Walhalla)
AVIADOR DRO"El Nacimiento De La Industria"
LOW FACTOR"Les Oiseaux Migrateurs/Waste Island"(LP/"L`Oiseau Du Desespoir"/Y&C)
THE BASSENGER Vs.THE GOOD FORCE”Pflanzengenitalien”(2019)
ASMODAEUS"Radiation Dance"(LP/VA/"Underground Belgian Wave Volume 1"/Orig. 1985/Walhalla)
Playlist Not Complied
DEAD OR ALIVE"There Is Something In My House"(Version)
SOLID STATE"Recalling You"(LP/VA/"The Underground Wave 7inches"/Orig. 1983/Walhalla)