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April III

History in dancemusik

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

MICHAEL JACKSON"Can You Feel It Billy Jean"(Ben Liebrand Mix)
CAMEO"The Sound Table"(EP/VA/"Choice"/Excl. Kenny Dope Edit/Azuli)
MARSHA HUNT"The Otherside Of Midnight"(GR)
ETTA CAMERON"You Gotta Move"(12"/1977)
PATTIE BROOKS"Got Tu Go Disco"(12"/Mixed By Juergen Kopers/1979/Casablanca)
REAL LIFE"Send Me An Angle"(GR)
CAKE"Theme From Mork And Mindy"(12"/A Randy Sills Concept Mix/1979)
"Kabbooga Loo"(EP/VA/"Cabana Disco Vol.03"/Pat Les Stache)
THE CARLIE CALELLO ORCHESTRA"Temptation"(LP/"Calello Serenade"/1979/Midsong)
DIE RADIERER"Plastik"(LP/"Hollywood"/1982)
GAYLE ADAMS"Your Love Is A Life Saver"(GR)
M2W."Shame"(12"/Main Vocal"/2001/Large)
FIRST CHOICE"Let No Man Put Asunder"(DMC Mix)
KRAFTWERK"Der Telefon Anruf"(12"/Remixed By Francois Kevorkian&Ron St. Germain/1986)
YUS YUS"Just A Dream"
ALKIMIA"Dont Tell Me"(12"/Extended Mix/1991/Pirate)
DAVID BOWIE"World On A Wind"(LP/"Station to Station"/1975)
YELLO"Tied Up"(LP/"Flag"/1988)
R.BAIS"Dial My Number"(Ext. Version/1985)
VINCENT MONTANA, JR. PRESENTS"Goody Goody"(LP/1978/Atlantic)
KLIQUE"I Think You Know"(That I Love U So Mix)
KERRI"KAOZ"CHANDLER"I Feel It"(EP/"Finger Printz"/1995/Madhouse)
SANDRA"Maria Magdalena"(Sanny X Mix/1986/DMC)
ZBIG GORNY&HIS ORCHESTRA"Magma"(LP/"Match - Ball"/1981/Selected)
DINAH WASHINGTON"What The Difference The Day Make"