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History In Dancemusic
incl.:"Featured Song" in Kooperation mit 3 Freien Radios in Europa stattfindet.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

The Dream Orchestra"Pick up the pieces"
JIMMY BARKA EXPERIENCE”Motherless Child”(featured Song)
QUADRANT SIX"Body Mechanic"(12"/Long Vocal Mix)
DANCE PEOPLE"Fly Away/Funk Attack/Dance People"(LP/"Fly Away"/1979/Jupiter)
KANO"I´m Ready"(GR)
PICAO"El Sueno Un Pintor"(LP/"Orquesta Super Estrellas De Gonzalo Fernandez"/1980)
YEMEN BLUES"Mountains Will Dance"
WINTER SEVERITY INDEX"Compulsion"(2xEP/"Slanting Ray"/2014/Blood Rock)
IGGY POP"Baby, It Cant Fall"(Ext. Remix)
NINE CIRCLES"Alice Dont Jump"(LP/"Alice"/2014)
ESAVÜ"Sia Siou Breakin Up"(GR)
FAT LARRY´S BAND"Music Maker"(LP/"Feel It"/1976/Atlantic)
Jean Michel Jarre Vs Depeche Mode"Personal Oxygene"(By Dj Y)
EMPIRE"Freakman"(12"/A Levi Jack Bogie Mix/1981/RFC)
VAN MC COY"Party"(LP/"The Real McCoy"/1976/H&L)
SECRET WEAPON"Must Be The Music"(GR)
DAS WALDEMAR WUNDERBAR SYNDIKAT"King Kong And His Love Affairs"(LP/"I Make You Feel Good"/1976)
CHRIS&COSEY"Synaesthesia"(Daniel Miller Mix)
UNCLE LOUIE"I Like Funky Music"(LP/"Uncle Louie Is Here"/1979/TK)
SOURIRE DUCHENNE"La Macabra"(2018)
TWO TONS OF FUN"Do You Wanna Boogie"12"/Music Works Dub"/BBE)
NARADA MICHEL WALDEN"The Real Thang"(LP/"Victory"/1980)
TECHNIQUES BERLIN"Driving Force"(Paradox Obscur Remix)
USA - EUROPEAN CONNECTION"I´d Like To Get Closer/Do Me Good"(LP/1979/TK)
DURAN DURAN"Notorious"(Ext. Fab Mix)
UNLIMITED TOUCH"In The Middle"(12"/Mixed By Francois K./1980/Prelude)

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