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Oct. I

History in dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

GUIGUISUISUI"Silent Fire"(EP/"Charon"/2018/Daftpop)
VINCE"Superworld"(12"/Dj T. Vocal Mix/2004/ArtOfDisco)
UNKNOWN ARTIST"Oye Come Va"(K & F Edit)
OPEN HOUSE Ft. PACE"Seven Day Weekend"(12"/Brennan Green´s Ontario Mix/TUrong)
POUSSEZ"Boogie With Me"(GR)
VA"7th Anniversary Edition"(12"/Master Mix By Tony Humphries/1982/Westend)
DIANA ROSS"Lovin Livin Givin"(GR)
NEMESI"L´Asteroide"(12"/Original Impact Mix/2006/Relish)
SANTOS"Beat The Knuckles"(EP/Mixed By Frankie Knuckles/Orig. 1986/Trax)
PSIHOKRATIJA"The Hunting"(2017)
SCHAUMSTOFF"Stop The Killing"(EP/"Phantoms And Ghosts"/2019)
DÖF"Deutsches Mädel"(LP/1983)
Coil"The Anal Staircase"(Dionysian Mix)
DEAD OR ALIVE"I´d Do Anything"(12"/Special Megamix/1983)
DANIELLE DAX"Fizzing Human Bomb"(EP/"The Janice Long Session"/1987/Strange Fruit)
ELTON JOHN&KIKI DEE"Don´t Go Breaking My Heart"(Scorpio´s Disco House Remix)
HAZELL DEAN"Searchin(I Gotta Find A Man)"(12"/Remixed By Ian Levine/1983/TSR)
FAKE BLOOD"I Think I Like It"(Ced-John Remix)
DEUX"Game & Performance"(LP/"Decadence"/MW)
IREEN SHEER"Fire"(English Version/1978)
GABI DELGADO"Sex And Soul"(12"/Special Mix/1983)
RAM JAM"Black Betty"(Rough´n Ready Remix)
THOMAS DOLBY"The Jungle Line"(12"/Exclu. Live Version/1983/Venice In Peril)
ESG"Standing In Love"(Paradise Garage Classic)
DEPECHE MODE"Breathing In Fumes"(12"/Edit By Thomas Stiehler/1986/Mute)

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