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Show 0768: El Mundo Grita / The World Screams & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE


It was early October, just a few weeks before the social explosion that rocked Chile in the whole length of its strange geography. An explosion that, in late November, resulted in over 20 deaths, hundreds of mutilated, thousands injured, an indeterminate number of detainees, torture, sexual assault and countless atrocities committed by the police and the armed forces. Just before this shift, Chilean President Sebastián Piñera spoke about the convulsions that swept the rest of the region. He then introduced Chile as an oasis of peace and tranquility in the middle of the storm.

On November 18th in the Main Square of Cochabamba, mobilization against the supreme decree that gives impunity to the military. By D.E. from Cochabamba.

They ask for justice for those killed, they call the international press to cover and the local press to stop being biased. They also ask for Añez's resignation and Evo's return to pacify the country.

In Colombia, the mobilizations formally began with the massive national strike on Thursday, November 21, a day that ended with an unprecedented and massive cacerolazo that resonated strongly throughout the night in different corners of Colombia. The objective was to claim the peaceful protest that at the end of the afternoon had been tarnished by some riots. From then on, various calls began to multiply, more or less spontaneous and mostly festive, which began to have their own scores.

Latin America screams, but also other places in the world. It is time to hear the cries of citizenship, which asks for respect, justice, future. The world screams. Do we hear it?

This creative radio documentary is the first step in the new path that TEA FM, CPR Spain and RESONAR start together. With audios collected in different demonstrations and protests in several cities in Latin America and Europe in october and november 2019.




Vor 10 Jahren, oder: Im Jahre Schnee wie die Koksnasen sagen, haben Manuel Waldner und Peter Wetzelsberger ihre ganz eigene Interpretation des Dickens-Klassikers "A Christmas Carol" über den Äther gejagt. Dafür sind sie ganz doll verprügelt worden. Nun da die Wunden verheilt und die Narben verblast sind, lassen sie dieses wirre Hörspiel kranker Innuendos, unsinniger Wortspiele und kaputter Pop culture references erneut auf die Menschheit los.