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nonrandom jazz

Mit dem Track "VLAKNASTA - En un ejemplar de Les chants de Maldoror" vom Project #RadioMuse.

VLAKNASTA is the solo, loner black metal project of the radical free jazz saxophone player and multi-instrumentalist Marko Karlovčec, here following the infamous charachter of the argentinian martyr poet of jewish/ukranian roots Alejandra Pizarnik, a woman, which of course means a great deal on a symbolic level for the music and for the musician himself.


Adele Sebastian - Desert Fairy Princess [Nimbus West]
Creative Arts Ensemble - Flashback Of Time [Outernational Sounds]
Pharoah Sanders - You've Got To Have Freedom [Tidal Waves]
Griot Galaxy - Kins [Third Man]
Shamek Farrah - Umoja Suite [Strata East]
Jackie McLean - Plight [Blue Note]