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Sendung vom 24.07.2019 14:00:

nonrandom 90ies

part 1

14h : nonrandom Radio
mit Tracks aus dem O94 Musikarchiv

Mit dem Track "The Loire Valley Calypsos – Snake [Maaula Records]" vom Project #RadioMuse.
The Loire Valley Calypsos is a french band inspired by traditional english-speaking caribbean music from the 40s to the 60s, but with a proper revisited aesthetic and warm and raw tones. Their love of world music is also obvious through their label, Maaula Records, which release compilations of tracks from all around the globe.


Photek - Into the 90's [Metalheadz]
fugue - contrapoint [Likemind]
Move D - Eastman [Source]
Spacetime Continuum - Pressure [Astralwerks]
R.H.C. feat. Plavka - Move Ya (Born free Coldcut Mix) [Rising High Records]
Xeper - Carceres Ex Novum (Remix) [Warp / Trance Europe Express]
D*Note - D* Votion [Dorado]