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nonrandom radio

Mit dem Track "Drone Emoji – Drone Emoji (album เป็นฟอนต์ที่ได้; ŠOP Records, 2018)" vom Project #RadioMuse.

DRONE EMOJI is a conceptually anonymous entity making collages put together from scraps of the nastiest local commercial songwriting, online transcultural references and shards of blasting noise. His 2018 album เป็นฟอนต์ที่ได้ was named local record of the year by the music editorial of Radio Študent.


Ernest Hood - After School [Freedom To Spend]
André Ethier - Dream On Pigs [Telephone Explosion]
Dino Spiluttini - Body at War [Editions Mego]
SSIEGE - A Man / Angelo Azzurro [Youth]
33EMYBW - Arthropods Continent [Svbkvlt]
The Body - Off Script (Remixed by Moor Mother) [Thrill Jockey]
XY0815 - Geist Körper Synergie [Brkntoys]
Flaty - Elevation [Soda Gong]
JAK3 - Lies [Origin Peoples]
Pelada - Habla Tu Verdad [Pan]