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Mit dem Track "Rush to Relax - Bez oset (album Rush to Relax; Look Back and Laugh, 2019)" vom Project


Rush to Relax is the solo project of Damjan Manevski, a macedonian guitarist and songwriter now living and

working in Slovenia. Damjan is not a greenhorn musician, he has worked with bands previously in Macedonia,

so it's not that unusual how amazing his songs are although he works in a strictly DIY environment and is

in this way complimented also by the very similar minded label Look Back and Laugh, who released his

selftitled debut solo record.


Floating Points - Anasickmodular [Ninja Tune]
The Cinematic Orchestra - Wait for Now (Pepe Bradock's 'Wobbly & Just A Word to Say Mix') [Ninja Tune]
Hercules & Love Affair - Change [Skint]
Kim Gordon - Murdered Out [Matador]
Angel Bat Dawid - Black Family / What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black (Dr. Margaret Burroughs)(International Anthem]
Moor Mother - The Myth Hold Weight [Don Giovanni Records]
Massive Attack - Wire (Leaping dub) [Virgin]
Jackie Shane - Any Other Way (+ live) [Numero]