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Mit dem Track "Hilldale – Under The Weather (Memorabilia – autroprod, 2016)" vom Project #RadioMuse.

Hilldale is an indy pop band in Dijon, Burgundy. They are playing together for 4 years and are about to release a new record in january 2020. It’s called Jelly Dreams.
The song we are about to listen was recorded on a previous album and it’s called "Under The Weather". A slow pop song which tends towards the new compositions of the band.


Michihiro Satoh - 十三の砂山 Tosa No Sunayama [Aoi Studio]
Sampoyoshi - Yatton Bushi [Ondo Band]
Mori Chieko - Midnight Forest [Tzadik]
Haco - Forever And Ever [Arcàngelo]
ju sei - S.A. [Enban]
Phew - ふしぎな日 [Bereket]
Kumiko Suyama ‎- マラソンランナー [Super Fuji Discs]
Tujiko Noriko - Tokyo [Tomlab]
Manami Kakudo - 時間の上に夢が飛んでいる [Basic Function]
Satomimagae - Niji [White Paddy Mountain]
Hoahio - Less than lovers, more than friends [Tzadik]