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Sendung vom 20.11.2019 14:00:

nonrandom winter

14h : nonrandom Radio
mit Tracks aus dem O94 Musikarchiv

Mit dem Track "Ichabod – Bad Blood (Volume 1: Psychedelic Chansons, self-released)" vom Project #RadioMuse.

Ichabod, meaning „no glory“ in Hebrew is a stage name for Karlovac based singer-songwriter Bruno Šlat. His music is influenced by the classic blues-rock, psychodelia, and folk. This aspiring young artist brings back the old days with his dreamy voice and soft guitar tunes. Lets take a listen to Bad Bloooooooood.


Andrew Pekler - Description of Rain (Over Frisland) [Faitiche]
Daniel Schmidt - Unempins and Sociseknum [Recital]
Pan American - Memphis Helena [Kranky]
Stefan Fraunberger - Elegie [Morphine]
Hiro Kone - Feed My Ancestors [Dais]
Lyzza - Oblique / Tangerine Dreams
Steven Warwick - Kaleidoscope / Danke [Pan]
Violet - Half Crazy [Dark Entries]
Howe - Wasp [Higglers]
Eartheater - Runoff [Chemical X]