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Theaterspatz "neues aus der VolksBühne Berlin

Schnipsel zum Radiotag

Today is the world radio day. We celebrate here at Radio Orange Vienna.

To this favour of the hour I would like to thank you all for the wonderful audience, today there are all kinds of radio snippets mixed from various theatrical broadcasts, from the series
news from the Volksbühne.

Starting with Alexander Scheer, who was my very first radio guest and is currently celebrating great success again, as though the Ddr filming Gundermann. Otherwise, he can be marvelled at in the play Lazarus as David Bowie in the Hamburg Schauspielhaus under Falk Richter's direction and Frank Castorf has always been faithful to his long-winded pieces when you need a lot of sitting meat. How it is with 6 hours. In addition, I have some snippets from the last Castorf folk theatre production DER FAUST. It even lasted over 7 hours. Then there was a short picnic and tee.bier schnapps and wine at some spectators. One makes it then just comfortably so well that goes. The seats were all new plastic full of AN STRANGE uglyNESS and exhausting. But there was also a lot of glitters. As always in the people's stage. THE VOLKSBÜHNE BERLIN

But the era went sadly to the end
I only say
karma is a bitch and some never notice.

I have also experienced and learned a lot myself at Volksbühne. The first piece that I watched as a fried fish was trainspotting.

True friendships formed there and many of us had--- each in our own way his or her ambivalence about this house. It was a worthy and wicked temple at the same time. far away from #metoo

I was even adopted there, so to speak. By Papa Fritz a prehistoric rock of the house which accompanied the house and its ensemble as well as the technicians since shortly after the turn for good 25 years. You get to see a lot of things there.
 Many of the good stage souls have now and then said goodbye to time. Like Bärbel Bolle, for example, which I have often seen, or Mitko Gotscheff, the God of theatre. Maria Kwiatkowski which came very close to me when she suddenly left in summer almost 8 years ago. Some days before the singer Amy Winehouse. They were both only 1 year apart. This summer I moved to Vienna a few weeks later and bought the best of Amy Winehouse at "maria hilferstrasse". This is my memory and connection to Maria.
I have also dedicated a painting to Maria, which I have sold to a wonderful person in the 1st district. a doctor who cares privately touchingly for countless dogs.
In Germany and in the theatres' people mourn strangely. It always seemed that way to me. That everything is quickly swept under the grey carpet again and steel the everyday life again receives.
Maybe you can say that Vienna or Austria is browner, but I have never been as cold as in Berlin. I was welcomed and received with open arms. Even artistically drilling a piece there, like our weekly programme, the Theatre Sparrow.
For those who don't speak German, that's all sorts of things, because the language of love, drama, art and tragedy are one and the same. To be or not to be. Will there be a happy ending or not? That's why I invite you to immerse yourself in the individual uniqueness that was so rough and sweet only at Volksbühne. This text you have just read is the translation of the intro to the broadcast.