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Sendung vom 28.12.2019 22:00:

Producer and DJ Kilbourne

NJ Terror

Today we dive again into the topic of hardcore techno with an interview of the New York based producer Kilbourne.
I met Kilbourne in May 2019 in Vienna at the Hyperreality Festival for a conversation. We talked about her music, the recent hardcore hype, the hardcore scene in the US, transness, women in hardcore and the impact of powerrelations on music or everyday life in this interview.
According to AQNB “Kilbournes DJ sets tie together the threads of hard dance, bubbling, trance music and the cinematic”. Or as On the Sly puts it her singular interpretation of hardcore is “destined to devastate", and her "DJ sets showcase an unrelenting drive and spontaneous selection”. In 2018 she promoted her debut EP Evnika also in Europe that was released on Meta4 Recordings and in summer of 2019 she released another EP on Lenny Dees Industrial Strength imprint: "NJ Terror".

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