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Sendung vom 07.05.2019 11:00:

RadioMuse Broadcast #1

hosted by Radio Študent Ljubljana

For this first ever broadcast of Radiomuse, the first radio partner up is Radio Študent from Ljubljana, Slovenija.

This time our label focus is on the so called net label Kamizdat, a label committed to publishing underground electronic and electroacoustic music of various genres. We talked with the label's main man Luka Prinčič, played one of his own ambient tracks from the self-released record Of Judy Stroat published in 2019 and we also played music by the abstract but rhythmical underground electronic duo Warrego Valles from their 2019 album save as published by Kamizdat.

We also talked to Borja Močnik aka DJ Borka, one piece of the three piece duo Jimmy Barka Experience, whose EP Three Piece Puzzle for the Slovenian electronic music and beats label rx:tx is out in 2019. And of course we played some of their music, which brings together two expert maestro DJ's Borka and Bakto in a game of live turntablism – scratching, playing with samples and the virtuoso drummer Marjan Stanić.

Haiku Garden is a four member shoegaze band from Ljubljana. They we been active on the Slovenian scene since 2015, when they were selected by Radio Študent to be a part of Klubski maraton, a radio project highlighting unknown young artists and a tour of local Slovenian music venues. In October of 2018 they released the album Where If Not Now with which they've played international shows ranging from Spain to the deeper balkans. The album was released by the local KAPA Records, and we played some song of the long play.

Last but not least for this time is the project Pass The Bless, headlined by the Slovenian electronics – percussion duo Darla Smoking in an international collaboration with artists surrounding the Vienna, Austria based label Well Gedacht, which presents artists from the middle east and Europe. A projects of bouncy and harsh industrial beats, analog gear and MC's from Turkey, Palestine and Iran going off in their native languages.



Kamizdat (label)

Luka Prinčič

Warrego Valles

Jimmy Barka Experience

Haiku Garden

Pass The Bless


RADIO & COUNTRY: Radio Študent (, Slovenija

JOURNALISTS/TECHNICIANS/ANNOUNCERS WHO PRODUCED THE SHOW: prepared by Andrej Pervanje, Dušan Bulajić; sound mixing by Jure Anžiček; announced by Andrej Pervanje, Dušan Bulajić

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