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RadioMuse Broadcast #8

hosted by Radio Campus (FR)

Dear listeners.
Welcome to RadioMuse #8, this time presented by Radio Campus Toulouse.

A musical exchange program between radio stations across Europe from Radio STUDENT in Zagreb, Croatia, Radio ORANGE in Vienna, Austria, Radio ŠTUDENT in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and the Campus France radio network, worth of nearly 30 stations.

The purpose of this show is to promote independant and local artists, bands or labels and broadcast them at a european scale through the involved radio stations

This week we are taking you to Toulouse south of France.

We can find there a very eclectic music scene full of artists in almost every kind of music styles.

Throughout this program we will present some artists and bands selected by the young recording label L'Amabassade, on the occasion of the release of its second compilation "L'Ambassade l'aime Pop''.

So from now, just follow the infamous François BERCHENKO and take a ride with him through the actual Toulouse pop scene with among others, the sensual AD LIBIDOM, the sensitive JOKARI, the elegant VERMEIL SOLARIUM, the smart JEFFERS WALDO and the incredible VGK!









RADIO & COUNTRY: Radio Campus FM Toulouse, Toulouse, France


Announcer & english translations: Marie Amélie GIAMARCHI

Interviews and recordings operated on sunday the 26th of may 2019 at the release garden party of "L'Ambassade l'aime Pop'' vol. 2, in L'AMBASSADE studio, Toulouse France, by François BERCHENKO

Edited, mixed & mastered by François BERCHENKO at radio Campus Toulouse studios and Musiquesmodernes studio between the 1st and the 5th of july 2019.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

01 AD LIBIDOM - Adéle (L'Ambassade l'aime Pop vol​.​2, L’Amabassade, 2019)
02 JOKARI – Les Toits (L'Ambassade l'aime Pop vol​.​2, L’Amabassade, 2019)
03 JOKARI – Tu vas me Manquer (L'Ambassade l'aime Pop vol​.​1, L’Amabassade, 2018)
04 VERMEIL SOLARIUM – C’est pas Facile (L'Ambassade l'aime Pop vol​.​2, L’Amabassade, 2019)
05 VERMEIL SOLARIUM – Dans la Peau (L'Ambassade l'aime Pop vol​.​1, L’Amabassade, 2018)
06 JEFFERS WALDO – Sentimental Suits (unreleased, 2019)
07 VGK - Faro (feat. Pauline GIRARD) (L'Ambassade l'aime Pop vol​.​2, L’Amabassade, 2019)

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