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Jan. I New Year

History in dancemusic ny Sirius&Darktunes

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

THE SAL SOUL ORCHESTRA"Sal Soul 3001"(12"/Long V./1976)
KOOL AND THE GANG"Celebration"(2xLP/VA/Digital Mix By Mark Andrues/Hot Tracks)
THE BUZZCOCKS"Orgasm Addict"(1977)
FRANKIE HOWERD"Men Mr. Mustard"(2xLP/OST/VA/"Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts club Band"/1978/RSO)
SOFT RIOT"The Eyes On The Walls"(2018)
LEXY&K-PAUL FT. ATOMEK DOGG"Lets Play"(12"/Original2002/Low Spirit)
VA"Fade To Gray"
MASS PRODUCTION"Groove Me"(12"/Long Version/1978/Cotillion)
PIERROTS GANG"Mexico"(Long Version/1984)
SS - 1"Subtopia"(Split 12"/WL)
CAMAROS GANG"Fuerza Major"(Max Mix Re Mix Allada)
UNKNOWN"House Nation"(12"/Remix/1993/WL)
SYLVANO SANTORIO"Southroad"(Vinyl Cut/1978)
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM"(We Dont Need This)Fascist Groove Thang"
KRIMP"Get Up"(12"/Original Mix/1995/Strictly Rhyhm)
BRETTY MIRANDA"Take Me To The Top"(1984)
M+M"Cooling The Medium"(12"/Raul A. Rodriguez Remix/1984)
BOY HARSHER"Morphine"(LP/2016)
DEL VEGAS FT. ODREY"Felicidad"(12"/Original Mix/2001)
GNARLS BARKLEY"Crazy"(Original)
NICK JOHN"Lost In A Dream"(12"/The Nick Mix/1987/Megatone)
MADONNA"Material Girl"(GR)
SECOND FRONT"Escape"(EP/1996/Tumblini)
BASTION"Deca Sunca"
JAPAN"In-Vogue"(LP/"Quiet Life"/1979)
PEGGY LEE"My Heart Belongs To Daddy"
ANNE PIGALLE"Looking For Love"(LP/VA/"I Q 6"/1985/ZTT)
MFSB"Tsop"(Mike Maurro Remix)
DERWISCH TANZ(nonrandom Radio)

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