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Jan. II

History in dancemusic by Sirius&Darktunes

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

LIPPS INC."Addicted To The Night"(Long Version)
TON 8"Trümmer"(LP/2008/15/Y&C)
ALEC R. COSTANDINOS"Romeo & Juliet"(Disco Remix)
ELIAS RAHBANI"Hey! Dabke"(LP/"Mosaic Of The Orient"/1974)
GEORGE BENSON"Give Me The Night"(Dj Meme Deep In The Night Mix)
MONE"We Can Make It"(2x12"/Tommy D´s Epic Adventure/1995/Strictly Rhythm)
BLACK MAMBA"Vicious!!"(Long Version)
MADONNA"Rescue Me"(12"/Titanic Vocal/1991)
KEINE AHNUNG"Plastik"(Long Version)
NULLZEIT"Dein Ganzes Leben"(LP/VA/"Sowas Von Egal"/1980/85/Bureau)
INSTANT FUNK"Why Dont You Think About Me"(Long Version)
NEMESI"L´Asteroide"(12"/Baldelli & Dionigi Mechanic Remix/2006/Relish)
FRENCH 79"The Year After"

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD"Relex"(Hope & Anchor Version)
JACK E MAKOSSA"Opera House"(12"/Acid Fingers Strikes Again Mix/1988/Criminal/Champion)
MARK IMPERIAL"The Love I Lost"(2xLP/VA/"Jack Trax The Fourth Album"/Mike Hitman Mix/Indiogo)
INNER LIFE"Moment Of My Life"(DJ S Remix)
GERTRUD STEIN"Wires And Lights"(EP/"Moonlandings"/2018)
DEODATO"Are You For Real"(Mike Maurro Ext. Remix)
LASERDANCE"Cosmo Tron"(12"/Space Version/1989/Hotsound)
RICKY DILLARD"To Live This Life"(12"/Housemix By Larry Head/Jack Trax)
KRYPTON"Can You Read My Mind"(GR)
BALDELLI & DIONIGI"Torch Song(Prepare To Energize)"(EP/"Cosmic Disco?! Cosmic Rock! Part 2/Eskimo)
RUPA"AAJ Shanibar"(1982)
CLAZZIQUE"On A House Trip"(LP/VA/"Jack Master VI"/Mixed By Julian Jumpin Perez/D.J. International)

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