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March II

History in dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Detachments"Chain Of Secrets"(EP/"Chain Of Command/Endgame Singles B Sides"/2018/Young&Cold)
GENE CHANDLER"That Funky Disco Rhythm"(LP/"When You´re # 1"/1979)
GLORIA GAYNOR"Love Is Just A Heartbeat Away"(GR)
CHIC"Everybody Dance"(12"/Edit/HYH2)
FORRRCE"Keep On Dancin"(Francois K Mix)
STARS ON 45(7"/Volume 3/Side A/1981/CNR)
MR SCRUFF"Get A Move On"
SYDNE JOYCE"Queen Of The Silver Screen"(7"/1978Aladin)
STARGAZE"You Cant Make It"(Version)
CHARO AND THE SALSOUL ORCHESTRA"Cuchi - Cuchi"(12"/Special Disco Mix/1977/Sal Soul)
CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR"I´m Gonna Love You Forever"(Short Version)
GIANCARLO CHIARAMELLO"La Cenerentola"(LP/"Discopera"/1977)
SANDRA BERHARD"You Make Me Feel(Mighty Real)"(12"/The Underground Journey/1994)
C.J. & CO"We Get Our Own Thing"(Jimmy Miller Mix)
BLONDIE"Union City Blue"(LP/"Eat To The Beat"/1079)
LA BELLE"Messin With My Mind"(Dj Greg Sisco! Mix)
ABBAESQUE"Voulez - Vous"(12"/Edit/Vol. 2)
INVISIBLE MAN´S BAND"Do The Night"(Pete Herbert Mix)
AVA CHERRY"You Never Loved Me"(LP/"Ripe!!!"/1980/RSO)
BEE GEES"Staying Alive"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
LENNY FONTANA&DJ SHORTY"Chocolate Sensation"(12"/DEF Classic Mix/FFRR)
JULIA AND COMPANY"Breakin Down"(Long Version/1983)
S´XPRESS"Hey Music Lover"(12"/Good Vibration Mix/1989/Rhythm King)
DONNA SUMMER"This Time I Know It´s For Real"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
CHAPTER 8"Come On Dance With Me"(LP/1979)
Brigitta Bödenauer"Back Front"(2018)
Coil"Stoned Circular 1"(LP/"Black Label District")

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