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June II

Pride Radio [vorproduzierte Sendung]

Music allways takes a authoritative role in the history of the fight for lgbtiq rights. In the mid 20ies within an upcomming modern liberalized lifestyle, women, men and transexuals take the power to get out and ask to be heard inspired by artist and musicans like for example Singer Lew King which record
"Masculine Women Feminine Men" in 1926 with Merritt Brunies & His Friar's Inn Orchestra or text parts like:
"Tonight im out with my women cause i like no men" by bluesinvatorin
Ma Rainey in "Prove It On Me Blues". (1928)
History keeps rolling and the fight was not won when Mardha P. Johnson a black transgender, bothered by police at Stonewall Inn 1969 who threw the first brick and start the riot we know today as Christopher Street Day.
Cabarets, that time called "Love Is A Drag", "Mad About the Boy" incl. anthem like "The man i love" to the gay audience along Judy Garland (Wizard of oz) was right before on the peek of her Singercareer.
LGBTIQ and POC been seen more and more at the dance crace with Jazz, Blues and Charleston in 20´s - 40´s, the rythm´n and blues and rock´n roll
duing the 50´s & 60´s, mouthing in the psychedelic, sexual liberalized flower power era late 60´s.
It Was in 1975 when Gloria Gaynor and Tom Moulton release the Album "Never can say goodbye"
that have the first full length disco tracks incl. like we know it now and stand as basic for the fordcomming discothek music,
housemusic, technomusic in general.
Openly gay Singer and Artist Sylvester James with his "backround" Singer Izora Armsted and Martha Wash aka The Two Tones Of Fun bring´s it to the point: X gender, black and a gospel voice in an impulsive rythm and beat.
We find the type of his singing ladies again in the face of late 80´s comming up vocal house productions with names like Loleatta Holoway or Ultra Nate.
Along the 80´s the UK have a big appearence with a new kind of Gender Bender People around the New Romantic Scene we meet creatures like Pete Burns (Dead Or Alive) and Boy George (The Culture Club) lately get
very popular and so LGBTIQ people get noticed from the pop industry.
But be sure the fight for rights still not won!
With the Cover of Gloria Gaynors "Never can say goodbye" Act Up
(Silence = Death) activist Jimmy Summerville comes the reincantion of discomusic in form of Hi-NRG very succsessfully. But the birth of highenergy was long time ago when Giorgio Moroder produce Donner Summers
"I Feel Love" in 1979.
The technic is the basic for all electronic music styles up to nowadays technomusic. When gay men Patrick Cowley record at automat studios san francisco his type of hi nrg, he give it back to a new underground where it get celebrated from the lgbtiq und poc community.
Now it dark by Sirius&Darktunes create this special admission for the Pride month 2020.
The fight is still not won! #BLM same rights for all

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

THE DREAM ORCHERA”Pick Up The Pieces”(7”/1982)
Merritt Brunies & His Friar's Inn Orchestra feat. Lew King”Masculine Women Feminine Men"(1926)
GLORIA GAYNOR”Let Me Know(I Have A Right)”(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
SYLVESTER AND THE TWO TONES OF FUN”Cant Stop Dancing”(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
VALENTINO”I Was Born This Way”(1975)
DIANA ROSS”I´m Comming Out”(1980)
VILLAGE PEOPLE”I Am What I Am”(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
MELOPHONIA"The Frog And The Toad"(LP/"Limelight Disco Symphony"/1978/Green Vinyl/Carrousel)
TRANS VOLTA"Disco Computer"(Split 12"/Automan 15)
AIRLING&CAMERON"Dirty Robot"(Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera)
ATLANTIC STARR"Let The Spirit Move Ya"(LP/"Strait To The Point/1979/A&M)
WAR"The World Is A Ghetto"(DJ S Instrumental Remix)
ROXY MUSIC"Editons Of You"(LP/"For Your Pleasure"/1972/EG)
BANBARRA"Shack Up"(Split 12"/Long Version/1975/Liberty)
THE TEMPTATIONS FT. RICK JAMES"Standing On The Top"(PLF Freakin Edit)
PATRICK COWLEY"Mind Warp/Thank God For Music/I Wanna Take You Home"(2x12"/"12 By 12"/Megatone)TOTAL LEATHERETTE"Prince Cut"
MY MINE"Hypnotic Tango"(Ext. Fab Mix)
CAUTION"U.F.O."(12"/Mixed By Roy B/1981/Uniwave)
CHRIS CARTER"Moonlight"(12"/Original/Optimo)
INDOOR LIFE"Think Of Me"(EP/"Sunshine Supermen"/1986)

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