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Juli IV

... and new releases [vorproduzierte Sendung]

History in dance and new releases collected and mixed by

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Austrian Apperal (Live for ElectronicBeats/2020/Pratersauna)
Gran B Bankrott"Kapital Egal"(7"/2020/Numavi Records)
Camomile Dawn & See Safari"Panic Sweat in the Discotheque" (EP/"TheGhostOfseoul-london"/Original Version/2020)
Phal:Angst"The Books" (JK FLESH Remix)
DIANA ROSS"Tenderness"(A Discobody Tender Touch)
THE SPLASH BAND"Starman"(12"/Dance Version/1985/ZYX)
FINZY KONTINI"Cha Cha Cha"(Ext. Fab Mix)
EURYTHMICS AND ARETHA FRANKLIN"Sisters Are Doin It For Themselves"(12"/Long V./1985)
ARAM KHACHATURIAN"Ayshes Dance"(Gayane)
ROFO"Flashlight On A Disconight"/CELI BEE"Im Free"(2xEP/"Studio 57 Vol. 2"/Remixed By Ben Liebrand/1983/BCM)
QUEEN"Another One Bites The Dust"(Ext. Fab Mix)
ERUPTION"I Cant Help Myself"/Its The Same Old Song"(2xLp/VA/"Super Maxi II"/1983/Yellow Vinyl)
YARBROUGH & PEOPLES"Dont Stop The Music"(Mike Tess Rework)
GATO BARBIERI"Theme From Firepower"(LP/"Euphoria"/1979/A&M)
INNA"Yalla"(Official Video Version)
SNAP"Ooops Up"(12"/Vocal Version/1990/Logic)
PATTIE BROOKS"Heartbreak In Disguise"(GR)
FLAVIO VECCHI FT. MAMO BALE"Langala Vibe"(12"/Original Mix/1997/Azuli)
MARK N.R.G."Dont Stop"(3xLP/VA/"Trance Central Vol. 2"/1995/KickIn)
LOVE JOURNEY FT. LATANZA WATERS"So Glad"(12"/Classic Vocal Mix/1999/Strictly Rhythm)
RAY PARKER JR.& RAYDIO"Its Time To Party Now"(GR)
TACO"Cheek To Cheek"(12"/Long Version/1982)
AMIN HABIBI"Dishab Hamin Hoghe"(2015)
SWING 52"Color Of My Skin"(12"/Swing Remix/1994/Cutting)
PATRICK COLBY"Mandrill"(Ext. Version)