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sep III

history in dance

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

T.RICHARDSON"Express Yourself"(12"/Long Version/1982/Lark)
D - TRAIN"Keep On"(GR)
MASS PRODUCTION"Cant Stop SeeIm Fired Up"(LP/"In The Purest Form"/1979/Cotillion)
JOHNNY MATHIS"Every Beat Of My Heart"
FGTH"Rage Hard"(12"/Broad Mix/1986/ZTT)
BARBARA DOUST"If You Love Somebody"(The Munich Mix/1987)
FRONT 242"Principles"(EP/"Two In One"/81/82/Another Mask)
ROY AYERS"Running Away"(GR)
MARC ALMOND&TRASH PALACE"Boy Toy(Im The Boy)"(2xLP/"Monsier Gainsbour Revisited"/2006/verve)
DIE VERGIFTETEN PFEILE"Chaos Ist Mir Lieber"(1982/Panza)
ROLAND CLARK"Fakes&Fonties"(12"/2002/Estereo)
CHICAGO"Steet Player"(Ext. Dr. Packer Mash Up)
GEM"Sweet Temptation"(12"/An M&M Mix/1983/Streetking)
SILVER PLATINUM&GOLD"Steppin Out"(LP/"Hollywood"/1981)
MATT FRETTON"Its So High"(12"/Extended Version/1983)
HELEN DAVIS"Satisfaction"(12"/Club Integrale Version/1977/Carrere)
THE BROTHERS JOHNSON"Stomp!"(Finest Ext.Rework/1980)
KABBALA"What Love Is"(12"/Long Version/1986/Cabal)
POINTER SISTERS"Hes So Shy"(Ext. Butch Le Butch Edit)
KOTO"Time"(12"/History Mix/ZYX)
JOE RAAD"Sh3en Dak"(2016)
FPI PROJECT"Everybody(All Over The World)"(12"/Brown Version/Rumour)
UNLIMITED TOUCH"In The Middle"(Ext. South Beach Recycled)
KELLY JACKSON"Living In A Dream"(12"/Ext. Version/1984/Air Play)
SYLVESTER"Trouble In Paradise"(GR)
IMAGINATION"Just An Illusion"(LP/"Night Dubbing"/1983/RedBus)
JOEY MUSAPHIA FT. MICHELLE WEEKS"Heaven"(12"/Alliance D.C. Boogie Mix/2003/Refunkt)
GOSSIP"Heavy Cross"(Album Version/2009)
GAP MANGIONE"I Dont Know"(LP/"Suite Lady"/1978/A&M)

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