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Our future is here

blurring the line between the surface world and the deep water

This is the fifth edition of 6 of the Deep Sea Minding Space Specials radio broadcast series.

Conversation between Francesca Thyssen Bornemisza and Dayne Buddo on-board the ship Dardanella on the first expedition of the project Deep Sea Minding in 2017.

Francesca Thyssen Bornemisza is the founder and head of the TBA21 for contemporary art and the TBA21–Academy. The academy’s programme is called “The Current” and is concerned with the state of the ocean and the discourse around it. The TBA21–Academy's “The Current” seeks to provide a platform for the cultivation of interdisciplinary thought, the exchange of ideas and new knowledge production.

Dr. Dayne Buddo is a Marine Ecologist with expertise in marine invasive alien species, fisheries management and marine protected areas. He is CEO of the Alligator Head Foundation, a Jamaican-based project supported by the TBA21–Academy, focusing on the intersection of science, art and community.