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Sendung vom 15.01.2020 14:00:

nonrandom sounds

Mit dem Track "Truth ≠ Tribe – From the distance (Distances, self-released)" vom Project #RadioMuse.

Truth ≠ Tribe bring a unique, saxophone centered, post jazz vibes into contemprorary music scene of Zagreb. They sound comes from the future and their new song is From the distance. The band is a new project from the prominent saxophone player Mak Murtić, combining classic rock sounds with oriental elements, creating a colorful soundscape.


Tom of England - Sniffin’ at the Griffin [L.I.E.S.]
Ekman - A Pastime for Semi Gods
Benoit B - Global Go [Unthank]
Television Personalities - Mr Brightside [Overground Records]
TNT Roots - Redemption [Bokeh Versions]
Hiribae - Different Strokes [Byrd Out]
Moth Face - Like Leaves In The Fall [Interplanetary]
Georgia - Ultimate Sailor [Domino]
Mykki Blanco - Lucky (Live in London)