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Sendung vom 12.02.2020 14:00:

nonrandom sounds

Mit dem Track "Aivery – Space Between (Because, siluh records, 2017)" vom Project #RadioMuse.

Aivery is an Austrian rock trio consisting of Jasmin Rilke, Franziska Schwarz and Doris Zimmermann. There music is just amazing and has so much power like this track which is called Space Between.


FREЯ - Dreaded Team / Poison [FREЯ]
Rajan James - Impossible Dreams [Left Ear]
LA Timpa - Core [O___o?]
CS + Kreme - Slug [Trilogy Tapes]
Beatrice Dillon - Workaround Two & Seven [Pan]
Tase - Slide [Film]
Omar S - Second Life [Fxhe]
Against All Logic - Fantasy [Other People]
SFV Acid - Always (LA Hardcrew Mix) [Bakk]
XDCVRI bought some fufu Cav Empt bc wots more Cyberpunk than buying fake designer clothing from China? [Ooh Sounds]
Villaelvin - Rey [Hakuna Kulala]