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Sendung vom 19.02.2020 14:00:

nonrandom grad

14h : nonrandom radio
Mit Tracks aus dem o94 Musikarchiv

Mit dem Track "Avee Mama – Spacefish" (self released 2019)

Avee Mana unites four music lovers who listen and play to a large span of genres. The four guys play bass, drums, plus two of them rocking the six string and singing, With their first 5 tracks EP, they already seem to take their own original place on the map of the local music scene. Bold, high on psychedelism and pop lyricism, sometimes noisy and grooving strong, Avee Mana is worth listening to on record, and on stage.


Special Greeting Message from Goodiepal & Pals & Pals from Belgrade, Tilbage Til Havetk