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14h : nonrandom music
mit Tracks aus dem O94 Musikarchiv

Mit dem Track "Blaž – Gangsta Angel (album Steven; Beton Records, 2018)" vom Project #RadioMuse.

Blaž is a producer hailing from the seaside region of Slovenia who has become known as the “wonderkid of slovenian experimental beatmaking”. He started making music at a young age and with his dense, eclectic musical style he quickly became one of the most unique sounding artists of the second Slovenian beatmaking spring. He is a collaborator of N’Toko, he released his albums on the Beton record label ran by the Radio Študent collaborator and one of the icons of the slovenian hip-hop movement Jizah DaFunk. Blaž encountered a short setback in his career after developing tinitus, a condition connected to being exposed to excessive amounts of loud music, which sparked his career in writing. Blaž wrote a novel titled Tat Not and also started creating visual art. He returned to music with his critically acclaimed album Steven from 2018.


Malvern Brume - Clypann [Infant Tree]
Golem Mecanique - le dome [Golem Mecanique]
Stephen O'Malley - Auflösung der Zeit [Editions Mego]
Nazar - Retaliation / Arms Deal [Hyperdub]
Robin Stewart - Not Buoyant [Trilogy Tapes]
Lucy Liyou - Unnie [ijn inc.]
Laurel Halo - Hyphae [Vinyl Factory]
Lizette & Quevin - Grow Forever [Big Crown]
Yves Tumor - Gospel For A New Century [Warp]