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nonrandom sounds

Mit dem Track "Queen of the Meadow – Empty Room (A Room to Store Happiness)" vom Project #RadioMuse.

Queen of the Meadow is the project of Helen Ferguson, who writes and composes intimate and refined pieces. Julien Pras (Calc, Mars Red Sky…), who started teaching her the talents of arranging seducive tunes, they now perform together. Melancholy is present everywhere, in multiple layers of voices, in the American born Helen's grave tone and in soft guitar arpeggios. Emotions are intimate and bright.

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Yurok - Ratgrave [Black Focus]
Zebra Katz - In In In [ZFK]
Kœnig - Mr. Kiwi's (feat. sensational) [Ventil]
Sludge - Squid [Warp]
Cucina Povera - Varjokuvatanssi / Pölytön nurkka [Night School]
Windy & Carl - Alone [Kranky]
The Silver Field - Nomoon [Infant Tree]
Proem - Your Grandfather Is Dead [A Colourful Storm]
Plod - Aptaxi [A Colourful Storm]
Klara Lewis - Ingrid [Editions Mego]
Dean Blunt - Acts of Faith / Neva [Dean Blunt]