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New releases and events for autumn 2019

In this episode we go through a highly subjective list of new releases. I am joined by Alba Clevenger, who is my co-host and talks with me about upcoming music and events. So many great artists have worked on new music during the summer and we want to honor this with an eclectic playlist.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Playlist: (ARTIST – SONG)

Deena Abdelwahed – Rabbouni (Enyang Ha Remix)
Dacid Go8lin – Bitches & Witches
Mala Herba – Nie idź
The Damski – s’amuser à la plage (live at AU vienna)
Terz Nervosa – Aftermath
Dives – Chico
5K HD – 10/15
Dispositionen – Uterus
Ebow – 4 U
Gaddafi Gals – Hit on me
Mira Mann – Schau mir in die Augen
Fauna – Process

Upcoming events:

13.09. – 22.09. Wienwoche (various locations)
26.09. Signale – Musik politisch machen
04.10. Sounds Queer? New program Party (Central garden)
09.10. Rule of Thumb (Premiere / Kosmos Theater)
19. 10. Dispositionen tape release (SH.asus)
26.10. The Damski / Terz Nervosa tape release (SSTR6)
28.10. Gadaffi Gals (Das Werk)
28.10. SoloTogether: Andreas Spechtl und Fauna (RKH)
29.10. 5K HD
23.11. Dives album release (Fluc)

Additional details are announced in the radioshow and on social media