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Sweet Travels
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Sendung vom 22.12.2019 16:00:

Vanuatu pt. II: social life, educational systems, marriage, religion.

For one more edition, we remain in Vanuatu, a country made up by 83 islands, in the Pacific Ocean, far east of Australia.

The second edition of Sweet Travels, the program about the phenomen of travelling!

You will hear an interview with Thomas Noal. He is the chief of the village Yoktabuna and the owner of the Yasur View Lodge on Tanna Island. He gives his perspective on Vanuatu about social life, the role of men and women in society, educational systems, marriage, and much more. You will also hear Kenneth Lango from Efate Island on culture, religion, and his visions of the future for Vanuatu.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Popol Vuh - "Aguirre Pt. II"
Chants from the "Ancestor's Tour" (Tanna, Vanuatu)
National Anthem of Vanuatu – "Yumi, Yumi, Yumi"

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