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Sendung vom 07.05.2005 19:00:

Dancehall Edition


After two Dancehall Editions that didn't contain so much Dancehall, we are going to change this!

We have a lot of new releases for you!
We will start with the new Les Babacools album which is really good but I wouldn't call it a typical Reaggae album. It is your chance to get a first impression!

Furthermore we have two new riddims: Bubble Up and Ruckus.

There is also the new Ragga Ragga Ragga 2005 combilation which contains the latest dancehall hits.

But there is even more to come: we will take a look back and talk about the Patrice concert and also about the Nosliw gig.

The rest of the show will be filled with some classic and some brand new stuff. Be prepared!!!