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Sendung vom 02.07.2005 19:00:

Dancehall Edition

New Releases + Rototom Special!

This time we have a lot of new release for you!

We will start with the new Nattyflo album, followed by a new Nosliw tune from his latest EP "Musik".
There will also be some new stuff by Turbulence and Anthony B.

Besides this big amount of new release which will be presented to you in this Dancehall-Edition the second part of the show will be dedicated to the Rototom festival.
Once again we will present you some of the artists that will perform there: Tanya Stephens, Richie Spice, Anthony B., Chuck Fender, Anthony Cruz and many more.

So be prepared for a really exciting show!
By the way: the next four editions of Ackee & Saltfish will be hosted by the Dancehall-Crew!