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Poet JG Danso on Black queer liberation, connecting with Marsha P. Johnson's family

A Reading + Interview with the Poet in Residence of the Villa Vida Café

Vienna-based, poet JG Danso, discusses Black queer liberation and how her work reached the family of Marsha P. Johnson, a Black trans pioneer and initiator of the 1969 Stonewall Riots. Danso’s debut exhibit “Inaugerations” features her poems with works from local and international LGBTQ+ artists, such as Afro-Brazilian queer artist, Ani Ganzala, to Vienna LGBTQ+ design studio, La Vienísima.

Danso’s exhibit “Inaugurations” will run this month at the Villa Vida Café with performances on August 22nd, 2020 at 19:00 at the Türkis Rosa Lila Villa, one of Vienna’s oldest LGBTQA+ community centers. The sale of each poster supports queer creative work and support the Villa Vida Café. Danso’s work can also be found online on Facebook and Instagram @ JGDanso.

Produced by Heather Marina Saenz

Show Links:

JG Danso:https://www.instagram.com/jgdanso/

Villa Vida Cafe: https://villavida.at/?lang=en

Türkis Rosa Lila Villa: https://dievilla.at

Celestial Poetics: https://www.facebook.com/celestialpoetics/

Ani Ganzala’s murals and work at the Türkis Rosa Lila Villa: "Un poco de amor para Viena" by Lia Kastiyo-Spinósa (http://www.migrazine.at/artikel/un-poco-de-amor-para-viena)

Visual Artists:

La Vienísima (Austria): @lavienisima and Facebook
Ani Ganzala (Brazil):@ganzalarts
LOLA Herself (Portugal): @lolaherself and Lolaherself on Facebook
Patroqle (France): @patroqle and https://patroqle-illustration.fr
Zahira Kelly-Cabrera (U.S.A. + Dominican Republic): @bad_dominicana2.0 , columns and artwork @ http://zahira.co/about
Pea the Feary (U.S.A.): @peathefeary, https://www.peathefeary.com
Brandon Paints (U.S.A.): @brandonpaints

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Alice Coltrane – “Jagadishwar” from "Turiya Sings" © Alice Coltrane
JG Danso – “A Thousand Ships” © JG Danso.
JG Danso – “Boundaries” © JG Danso
JG Danso – “In a Drag Box” © JG Danso
Zion Flex – “FEEL” from “QUEEN OF HERZ” © Zion Flex

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