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Hot Disco Nights

The only real Disco-Program in Austria...compiled by

1)Cheryl Lynn"Star Love"(LP/1978)
2)Montreal Sound"Music"(12"/Orig.Mix By Maurizio/77/T.K.)
3)Marta Acuna"Dance, Dance, Dance"(12"/1977)
4)Jacksons"ABC/I Want You Back"(12"/Ultimix By Les
5)Renata Barnes & Co"Boogie Down Choo Choo"(12"/Long V./80)
6)Kat Mandu"We Got Your Groove"(12"/Spec.Remixed Disco
7)SKYY"Call Me"(Ext.Remix)
Chas Jankel"Glad To Know You"(Ext.Remix)
8)Trax"Any Way You Want It"(LP/"Watch Out!"/77/Oasis)
9)Touche"Just Like A Door Knob"(2xLP/V.A./"The Kings Of
Disco-Part A"/Joey Negro Edit)
10)Black Light Orchestra"From Genesis To Exodus"(LP/1977)
11)Boys Town Gang"Cruisin'The Streets"(12"/1981/Moby Dick)
12)Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes"Don Leave Me This Way"
(2xLP/V.A./"Philadelphia Classics"/1977)
13)Rahni Harris"Six Million Steps"/
Junior Parker"It Time To Party"(LP/C.S.Tm)
14)Bollywood Freaks"Don Stop Till You Get To Bollywood"
15)Mary Love"Turn Me, Turn Me, Turn Me"(12"/Long V./79/TK)
16)Johnny Mathis"Gone, Gone Gone"(12"/Disco Mix By John
Luongo/Red Vinyl/1979)
17)Space"Air Force"(LP/"Deliverance"/1978)
18)Gino Soccio"Les Visiteurs"(12"-Version/1979)
19)Ferrara"Shake It Baby Love"(12"-Version/1979/Midsong)
20)Silver Convention"Get Up And Boogie"(2xLP/"The Best
Of..."/Long V.)
21)Cheryl Barnes"Love And Passion"(LP/"American Gigolo"/
22)Candies"Bali"(LP/"Va Ba Ba Boom"/1977)
23)Linda Clifford"One Of Those Songs"(LP+12"/"Let Me Be
Your Woman"/1979/Mixed By Jim Burgess)
24)Sister Sledge"Got To Love Somebody"(12"/Long V./1979)
25)El Coco"I'm Mad As Hell"(12"-Version/1976/AVI)
26)Nick Straker Band"A Walk In The Park"(12"-Version/79)
27)Voyage"Souvenirs(Medley)"(LP/"Fly Away"/1978/TK)
28)Dee D.Jackson"Automatic Lover"(12"-Version/1978)
29)Droids"Be Happy"(LP/"Star Peace"/1978)
30)Two Tons O'Fun"I Got The Feelin'"(12"/Long V. By Patrick
31)Cab Calloway"Minnie The Moocher"(12"/1978)
32)Günter Norris & seine Gala Big Band"Schmetterlingsamba"
33)The Dance Decade Volume 3(12"/1982/DMC)
34)Fever"Standing In The Shadows Of Love"(12"/Discomix/78/
35)Empress"Dyin'To Be Dancin(12"/Spec.Disco V./1981)

Cosmic Love & Kisses From Sirius + Darktunes...