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House Nation

A Special History Of House Music compiled by
SIRIUS & DARKTUNES Ft. Spec.Guest DJ Heavenly Herb...

1)The age Of Love(12"/Sign Of The Time Mix/1992)
2)Serotonin"Pleasure Boy"(12"/1992)
3)Rochelle Fleming"Danger!"(12"/Swing Mix/1994)
4)D-Love"Hey!"(12"/"The Breaks Of Love Vol.3"/96)
5)Neutron 9000"Ki-Oha Girl"(12"/"Back With A Vengeance"/91)
6)Phats & Small"Tonite"(12"/Pussy 2000 Club Mix/99)
7)La Luna"Come To Me(Ven Aqui)"(12"/Vocal Ethno Techno
8)Two Of a Kind"Like This"(2xLP/V.A./"Acid Vol.2")
9)Princess Di"Who Dick Is This?"(12"/1994)
10)Acid Masters Vol.1"Voodoo Acid"(EP/91)
11)Energize"Report To The Dancefloor"(12"/Electro Mix/90)
12)FPI Project"Everybody(All Over The World"(12"/Brown
13)Spiritual Tribe"Trouble"(12")
14)Neurotic Drum Band"Programmed To Dance"(12"/2002)
15)Tyree"Acid Over"(2xLP/V.A./"Acid Vol.2"/1988)
16)Mood Rotation"Getting Started"(12"/Rurals Mix/2004)
17)Georgie Porgie"All Because Of Me"(2x12"/Georgie's Club
18)Acid Tech High"Rock Hard Roll"(12"/1992)
19)The Two Fisted Love EP Ft.Attitude"Stop!"(12"/1995)
20)Ha-Lo"Flourescent Era"(12"/1996)
21)Dimitri From Paris"Just About Right"(3xLP/V.A./"The
Future Sound Of Paris"/Downsized Edit/96)
22)Shampale Cartier"I Got A Man"(12"/Ga's SN'M Extravaganza)
23)Chicks On Speed"We Don't Play Guitar"(12"/Tiefschwarz
Blackbox Mix)
24)Soft Cell"Monoculture"(12"/Jan Driver Remix/02)
25)2 U HI!"Go Head"(12"/Long V./1988)
26)The 5th Dimension"Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In"
(12"/House Of Hairy Krishnas Mix By Johnny Vicious/94)
27)Hans Peter Lindstrom"Fast & Delirious"(2xLP/V.A./
"Headman-Dance Modern"/Spencer Filipsson Edit/2004)
28)Run Jeremy Ft.Aphex Twin"Window Licker"(12"/XXX Lick/
Clear Vinyl)
29)The Daou"Surrender Yourself"(12"/Ballroom Mix/92)
30)S'Express Ft.Sonique"Find Time To Be Yourself"(12"/
Full Vocal Mix/90)
31)Fierce Ruling Diva"Whipped Kream"(12"/"The Summer
Remixes"/Eddy Wet D'Remix/90)
32)D'Angel"Rolling Thunder"(12"/Microgroove Mix/91)
33)L 15"Mach 1"(2xLP/V.A./"The World Of Delirium Vol.1")
34)Visnadi"Racing Tracks"(12"/Indianapolis Drive Mix/1993)
35)Knaog Stein Massiv"Tobakk Org"(2xLP/V.A./"Headman-Dance
36)QUARTZ"Meltdown"(2xLP/V.A./"Warehouse Raves 2"/Club Mix/

Peace, Love & Unity By Sirius & Darktunes...