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The best or the worst of 80ies...compiled by
Special Guests:DJ Spunk + Michael(Cabaret Renz)
TelefonLiveChat with Tom Ripper(Cabaret Renz).

1)VILLAGE PEOPLE"Ready For The 80´s"(12"/Spec.Disco V./79/
2)MIDGE URE/MICK KARN"After A Fashion"(12"/Ext.V./1983)
3)SPANDAU BALLET"The Freeze"(12"/Spec.Mix/1981)
4)GARY NUMAN"I Can´t Stop"(10"/Club Mix/1986)
5)YELLO"Live At The Roxy"(2xLP/"1980-1985/The New Mix In
One Go")
6)I START COUNTING"Million Headed Monster(Listen)"(12"/
Long V./1989)
7)HERBIE HANCOCK"Autodrive"(LP/"Future Shock"/1983)
8)COREY HART"Sunglasses At Night"(12"/Ext.Mix/1983)
9)MIAMI SOUND MACHINE"Conga!"(12"/Spec.Dance Mix/1985)
10)SYLVESTER"Too Late"(12"/Ext.Edit/1984)
11)SOFT CELL"Youth/Sex Dwarf"(LP/"NonStopEroticCabaret"/81)
12)DEVO"Whipit"(LP/"Freedom For Choice"/1980)
13)KON-G-NIAL"Kommt meine Kinder"(LP/"Keine Zeit"/1982)
14)GRACE JONES"My Jamaican Guy/J.A.Guy Dub"(12"/1983)
15)KOTO"Time"(12"/History Mix/1989)
16)NEW MUSIK"They All Run After The Carving Knife"(LP/
17)IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS"Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick"
(12"/Spec.Remix By Paul Hardcastle/1985)
18)CAPTAIN COMATOSE"Baby"(12"/Comatose Cat Mix Electronicat/
19)NINA HAGEN"Newsflash"(LP/"Angstlos"/1983)
20)M´KULTRA"Immobilise"(12"/Foot Bindging Trot Mix/1987)
21)NEW ORDER"Temptation"(12"/Long V.)
22)IGGY POP"Nightclubbing"(LP/"The Idiot"/1977)
23)JONA LEWIA"You Always Find Me In The Kitchet At Parties"
24)NYAM NYAM"Fate/Hate"(12"-Version/1984)
25)MERI D.MARSHALL"My Obsession"(2x12"/Edit By Jim Hopkins/
Hot Tracks)
26)WHITNEY HOUSTON"How Will I Know"(12"/Dance Remix By
John Jellybean Benitez/1985)
27)TUBEWAY ARMY"Listen To The Sirens"(LP/1978)
28)MODERN ENGLISH"Life In The Gladhouse"(12"/Long V./1982)
29)TUXEDO MOON"No Tears"(12"/Continous Mode Remix)
30)ROBERT HAZARD & THE HEROES"Escalator Of Life"(12"/1982)
31)CLAN OF XYMOX"Medusa"(LP/1986)
32)BOILING POINT"Starstruck Lover"(12"/Long V./1985)
33)NINA HAGEN"Spirit In The Sky"(12"/Long English V./1985)
34)TWINS"Face To Face"(12"/Naughty´s Italo Disco Mix)
35)SAVAGE PROGRESS"Tin Man"(LP/"Celebration"/1984)
36)AGENT AREN´T AEROPLANES"The Upstroke"(12"/Long V./1984)
37)FRONT 242"No Shuffle"(LP/"No Comment"/1985)
38)KRAFTWERK"The Telephone Call"(2xLP/"Ultra Rare Traxx 2"/
Razormaid Mix)
39)DEPECHE MODE"Shake The Disease"(12"/Remixed Ext.Version/
Multicolor Splattered Vinyl/1984)
40)TOYAH"Computer"(LP/"Sheep Farming In Barnet"/1979)
41)RADIORAMA"Aliens"(12"/Vocal Version/1986)
42)ANNE PIGALLE"He Stranger"(12"/Vocal Version/1985)