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Justice for Breonna Taylor and Black womxn victim to police brutality

Radio call by Taylor's aunt, Bianca Austin, in cooperation with WXOX 97.1 ARTxFM (Louisville, USA)

August marks the fifth month since Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old hospital emergency medical technician, was shot and killed in her home by police connected to a city gentrification plan in Louisville, U.S.A. Taylor's death by the police, alongside George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others sparked the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality and anti-Black racism. Yet five months after Taylor's death, none of the officers have been tried, nor arrested for criminal charges. Two officers continue to work with Louisville PD under administrative leave.

Today’s o94 Special led by WXOX 97.1 ARTxFM will air a radio call of justice for Breonna Taylor and Black womxn victims of police brutality led by Taylor’s aunt, Bianca Austin, and featuring Taylor's favorite song, "Everything" by Mary J. Blige.

Radio Orange 94.0 joins radio stations across all 50 U.S. states and internationally to demand justice, representation, and an end to police brutality for Breonna Taylor and Black womxn - especially Black trans womxn and migrants- victims of police brutality whose cases remain without trial or justice.

You can contact Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron and the official U.S. White House petition for a trial for the death of Breonna Taylor. The Louisville Community Bail Fund with Black Lives Matter Louisville and across the U.S. are also collecting funds for protesters. Information and support for the womxn honored by Austin can be found at the African-American Policy Forum #SayHerName campaign.

- KY Attorney General: https://ag.ky.gov/Contact-Us/Pages/default.aspx
- Louisville Community Bail Funds:https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/louisville-community-bail-fund/
- U.S. Bailout Fund (per State/County): https://bailfunds.github.io
- African-American Policy Forum #SayHerName campaign: https://aapf.org/sayhername

Resources and information against racism and police brutality in Austria, including trainings and counseling can be found below.

Black Lives Matter Demos in Wien und Afro Rainbow Association (FreshVibes): https://cba.fro.at/458056

FreshVibes: https://cba.fro.at/series/freshvibes

Imoan Kinshasa (Journalist and anti-racism consultant in Austria): https://www.vice.com/de/contributor/imoan-kinshasa

"Polizeigewalt gegen Afrikaner: Eine Chronologie" - Simon Inou (Die Presse) // https://www.diepresse.com/474710/polizeigewalt-gegen-afrikaner-eine-chronologie

Big Sibling Kollektiv: https://bigsibling.noblogs.org

"Talking Back: Strategien Schwarzer österreichischer Geschichtsschreibung" - Claudia Unterweger https://www.zaglossus.eu/shop/talkingback?isorc=1

„Polizeigewalt in Wien Aus der Sicht Einer Rechtsberaterin“ – Dunia Khalil (Biber)

ZARA Reports on Racism in Austria// https://www.zara.or.at/de/wissen/publikationen/rassismusreport

Second European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey: Being Black in the EU (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights)// https://fra.europa.eu/sites/default/files/fra_uploads/fra-2018-being-black-in-the-eu_en.pdf

schwarzen Frauen Community: Education, Support, and Space for Black women and families in Austria // https://www.schwarzefrauencommunity.at

Wir sind auch Wien: BiPoC Mental Health Platform in Austria // https://www.facebook.com/wirsindauchwien/

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Justice for Breonna Broadcast is courtesy of Louisville 97.1 WXOX ARTxFM

Mary J. Blige – “Everything” © Mary J. Blige

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Field Recording from 97.1 WXOX ARTxFM
"Silent Partner" - Ether
"Kingdom"- Neutrin05

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