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Feb. II "Love Each Other"

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History in dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

KRAFTWERK"Boing Boom Tschak/Techno pop"(LP/"Electric Cafe"/1986)
VA"Disco Mix 70´s"(Parte 2)
DJ ERIC"We Are Love"(12"/Gridlock Mix/1998/Distinct`ive)
DONNA SUMMER"It Not The Way"(Jandrys My Way Mix)
DJ POPE&LYNETTE SMITH"Addicted"(12"/b-sOuL´s Addicted To Love Vox/2006/King Street)
FUTURA"Feelin Hot"(Long Version/1983)
DEBBIE HARRY"The Jam Was Moving"(LP/"KooKoo"/1981)
AGENT SUMO"Ain´t Got Time(To Stop)"(12"/Original/2001)
BASSOMATIC"Zombie Mantra"(LP/"Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Bass"/1990)
OMD"Messages"(EMP SpeeK&Spell Mix)
HOT SAUCE"Vo Doo Dance"(LP/"Baby Tenderness"/1979/Marifon)
GREG KIHN BAND"Jeopardy"(Long Version)
OTTAWAN"You´re O.K."(12/Long Version/1980)
MYSTIC"Disco Love Affair"(12"/Disco Mix By Can.Rec.Pool/1977/Direction)
KAY GEES"Keep On Bumpin"(Long Version)
HITHOUSE"Jack To The Sound Of The Underground"(12"/Fake Mix/1988/ARS)
DIANA KAY"Give Me Your Body"(Long Version/1988)
808 STATE FT. BJORK"Ooops"(12"/Utsula Head Mix/1991/ZTT)
GLORIA SCOTT"(A Case Of)Too Much Love Makin´"(Dj S Remix)
SYLVESTER"Be With You"(12"/Special Edited Version/1982/Dance Rec.)
Ill Winds"Knut"(EP/2012/Noise Köln Not Not Fun)
GEORGIE PORGIE"Eververybody Must Party"(2x12"/Maurice´s Club Mix/1995/Vibe)
KRONOS DEVICE"Us And Them"(EP/"Dynamik Devices"/2010/BattleTrax)
TED WEEMS&HIS ORCHESTRA"My Baby Just Cares For Me"(1930)
OLYMPIC RUNNERS"Party Time Is Here To Stay"(LP/"Dont Let Up"/1976/London)

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